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Thread: American Easter Decoration

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    American Easter Decoration

    I know this will seem strange to some of you:

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    I've been making hangers (using floral wire) for plastic eggs. I'll put them outside for Easter.

    I'm hanging them on the lamp until all are done.

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    That's cool. I know someone who drills little holes in those eggs and puts mini Christmas lights in them, and strings them up for Easter. I don't do much for Easter decorating, but I love all the bright colors that signal Spring is here!!

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    They're cute

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    Alot of people near where I live decorate their bushes and shrubs with plastic eggs. I just decorate inside. I haven't decorated yet because I had a bridal shower in my house yesterday. Hope to set some stuff up tomorrow!
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    thats so cool i like coloured eggs for easter

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    btw u can drain eggs paint them
    and hang them as well
    some glitter and fake hair
    and u can make faces etc.
    just an idea

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