How can I keep pearl ring as shiny as newly-bought one and standing for years to come?

Cultured pearls are made of carbon compound, which means that pearls are not as hard as other gemstones like diamond, ruby, sapphire and so on. It is recommend that not to wear pearl rings on regular basis, especially if you work with your hands.

Pearl ring care tips:

1. Keep pearls away from chemical products or some acids like vinegar or lemon juice, which would destroy the luster of pearls.

2. Heat can turn pearls brown or dry even make them crack.

3. Wearing pearl ring after done with hair, markup and perfume; while taking it off firstly when you back home; this ensure your pearl ring can not touch with any soaps, lotions and other chemical products.

how to store black pearl ring4. When taking off the ring, make sure you hold the ring setting rather than the pearl itself, since holding the pearl continuously would make it separate from the base.

5. Store a ring piece in a soft bag, rather than a jewelry box or plastic bag. Since it will mix or crash with other jewelry in the box while the plastic inside is too dry to keep a pearl item.

6. It is recommended cleaning your item after each wearing, use a soft and damp cloth(microfiber cloth or jewelry cleaning cloth) to carefully remove the dirt and oils from the pearls and the band. Use a some gentle soap solution in lukewarm water 2-3 months a time.

7. Taking off your pearl ring when doing housework, exercise, swimming or taking shower; while exposed your pearl in high humidity area like bathroom occasionally would be great for pearl caring, since water is less damaging than dry air.