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Thread: Ideas for Christmas gifts

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    Ideas for Christmas gifts

    What board games are kids playing nowadays? Any ideas? Leave me some good ones.

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    hey! children love to play games. their favorites are uno, outburst, apples to apples, and the newest one they like is gifttrap. you might want to look at one of those. my kids like them a lot!

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    My family is full of word-game players. We've always had crossword puzzle books around. We play Boggle. We play Scrabble. As children, we had Scrabble Jr. I've recently be reintroduced to this game through a neighbor's children. And I think its ideal for Christmas as well.

    The gameis designed for two to four players. The game board is two-sided. One side is ideal for prereaders - for children who are just learning their letters or word formation. On this side of the board, the words are already spelled out. The child matches letter tiles to the letters already on the board to make the word shown. The words are common words such as sun, ball and eggs. There is also a wildlife version of Scrabble Jr. with a more environment based theme.

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    Cranium is the big ticket board game this year. It is really fun and has just won the toy of the year award. Bought one for my daughter.

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    I got a chess game for christmas 20 years ago, and I have been playing ever since

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    Scene It? is a lot of fun, as well as the classics: Mon opoly and Life, but with a twist like Mon opoly: Disney Edition or Pirates of the Caribbean Game of Life.

    Bob, Forum Moderator

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    Quote Originally Posted by trish_j View Post
    Cranium is the big ticket board game this year. It is really fun and has just won the toy of the year award. Bought one for my daughter.
    I second this. Great game. It's Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, Charades, Play-dough in one.

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    there are games like Don't Break the Ice, DOn't Spill the Beans and ANts in the Pants to to consider.

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    Re :Ideas for Christmas gifts

    Hi Granny
    I think you are looking for a good Christmas gifts ( and ideas related kids gifts so I'm want to suggest they go thought the link which takes you to complete world of Christmas gifts for men, women, kids and for all age people even I have gone through it and it's amazing site to shopping for Christmas.

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    jenny66 Guest

    delta force

    well i am not playing games yet..i played a lot in my childhood...but my kids are playing delta force and amercian air force nowadays...but if you asking for a gift..then i am going to give gift of pet portraits ( to my kids..because they like pets a lot...but unfortunatly they have alrgic probel from pets...thats why i buy this is as a gift and found collection there i am sharing it with you

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