(all times EASTERN USA)

3:30am EST on WGN - "South Park - It's Christmas in Canada" - The Broflovski family gets dealt a problem when Ike's Canadian birth parents show up without warning and decide they want their little baby back; the boys are forced to use their Christmas money to travel to Canada in hope of saving Ike.

3pm EST on WGN - "Serendipity" - A man and woman have a chance encounter on Christmas Eve and sense that they could become romantically involved, but she believes that if they are meant to be together destiny will make it possible for them to find each other in the future.

8pm & 11pm EST on LIFETIME - "The Holiday" - A Los Angeles movie trailer editor decides to swap homes and lives with a depressed journalist in England over Christmas after she breaks up with her boyfriend. Over the next couple of weeks, each lady strikes up a romance with available men.

8pm EST on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) - "Miracle on 34th Street - from Macy's Department Store, New York City, N.Y., USA"- After he encounters an unbelieving child while working as a department store Santa Claus, Kris Kringle must go to court to prove his true identity to a skeptical jury to escape being charged with insanity and entered into a mental institution.