Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to check in to let you know that I've emailed our Admin multiple times to help with the Spam situation. I just want to let you know that I've been doing my best, and have honestly banned more than 50+ users in the last few weeks - but it's not really stopping.

95% of the Spam is being created in this forum - Since I don't have the ability to completly lock up the forum, I've made it Password-Protected - which essentially means it will be CLOSED until I can sort this out with the Admin.

I'm hoping this will decrease the number of spam posts for the time being - however if they start posting in other forums, I'll simply do my best to stay on top of it there too.

Once again - I'm sorry I can't do more - I only have MOD powers, not ADMIN powers, and clearly the Admins are AWOL for the time being, I appreciate everone's help still - and will do my best to clean up the forum as often as possible.