The season is winding down and Christmas shows will be scarce. Here's a great selection to watch!

"Angel of Pennsylvania Avenue" - Mon 12/27, 12:00 AM EST on Hallmark Channel - Three determined children from Chicago arrange to travel to Washington, D.C. to meet with the powerful President Herbert Hoover with hopes that he will be able to help them get their innocent father out of prison by Christmas.

"Gift of the Magi" - Mon 12/27, 4:00 AM EST on Hallmark Channel - When a newlywed couple agrees not to exchange Christmas presents in order to save money over the holidays due to economic hardships, they both secretly make sacrifices so they can buy the other a special gift for the holidays.

‎"Christmas in Canaan" - Mon 12/27, 8:00 AM EST on Hallmark Channel - When a white Texas farm boy and his black classmate get into a fistfight at their school during the early 1960's, their parents force them to spend the holiday season together in order to create a bond of understanding between them.

"Santa, Jr." - Mon 12/27, 4:00 PM EST on Hallmark Channel - Santa's son Nick has been a source of disappointment to his father and in an effort to improve he decides to make some early Christmas visits and lands in jail.

‎"Everybody Hates Chris - Everybody Hates Kris" - Mon 12/27, 5:30 PM EST on BET - Julius and Chris pick up some extra holiday work by dressing up as Santa Claus and his elf to entertain the local children at a department store

"The Three Gifts" - Mon 12/27, 6:00 PM EST on Hallmark Channel - A young couple provides a temporary home for three trouble-making orphans while their orphanage is undergoing renovations during the Holidays, and the three boys begin competing for their guardians' love in the hopes that they will be adopted.

"Home Alone 2: Lost in New York" - Mon 12/27, 7:30 PM EST on ABC Family - A mischievous pre-teen boy ends up in New York City all alone on Christmas at a swanky hotel after he mistakenly follows the wrong family on to the wrong plane at the airport and ends up having to fight off villains he faced a couple years before.

"Elf" - Mon 12/27, 8:00 PM EST on SYFY Channel - A baby boy is taken in and raised by the elves at the North Pole, but when he grows up, he is sent to New York City to experience human culture and find the father he never met who happens to be on Santa's naughty list for being a heartless jerk.