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Thread: For all late bloomers out there

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    For all late bloomers out there

    we have just launched a new holiday package

    just google Nuskin and look for the Epoch holiday package on the home page after selecting a country

    by the way you will need this # in order to carry out an order: IL1161840

    mainly for girls and women but men can use it too, espacially the Baobab body butter which I as a guy personally use instead of an aftershave.

    oh and marry chrismas to you all

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    ** spammer ** - Watch Christmas clips, movies, commercials, cartoons and more, online all year long!

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    Quote Originally Posted by XmasDVD View Post
    ** spammer **

    not a spam just i can't put a link here

    and u can't really call it a spam (check definition)

    that's an awsome gift i bought for my ex girlfriend (unfortionatly i can't get the gift back now that she's my ex :P )

    and every recommendation that u add here with a link you call it a spam :/ ?

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