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Thread: Darlene Love - "It's Christmas Of Course"

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    Darlene Love - "It's Christmas Of Course"

    Hey All. I say anytime is a good time for Christmas music! I am a huge fan of Darlene Love; I have been to her annual Christmas concert at The Lincoln Center in New York every year now and LOVE to see her perform on David Letterman’s show every Christmas. I just found out she has a new Christmas album out called “It’s Christmas of Course” with holiday neo-classics of the ‘70s and ‘80s from artists like The Pretenders, The Band, James Brown, Tom Petty, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, and more. Check it out:

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    :santa: Heard a great new Christmas song

    Darlene is known for singing Christmas songs. I love her on Letterman. And good new Christmas songs are rare!!! Heard one, "This is the Best Christmas". I bet you'll start hearing a lot of people recording it. There is a place to vote for artists that you want to sing the song. I voted for Barry, but just about anyone would be great. The song was at
    <> Have a happy holiday.
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