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Thread: New Christmas song !!!

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    New Christmas song !!!

    Enjoy this little Christmas tune I wrote for my family and friends.

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    Another new Christmas song

    Impressive costume changes!

    The Seasonal Songsters have (finally) released their Christmas offering for 2010, and here it is:

    Christmas '010 -

    (Please note: for those of a sensitive disposition, please avert your ears from 2:20 - 2:50, bleep synching issues)

    Merry Christmas All
    "Jingly, jingly, jingly, jingly tree" - take a look at Christmas 010 on 'The Seasonal Songsters' YouTube channel! Merry Christmas!

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    Wishing The Seasonal Songsters a very Merry Christmas!

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    Nice work man! Check out my remix of carol of the bells on youtube. Search "carol of the synths indigo doe" to hear it.

    Merry Christmas!

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    Liked it. MERRY CHRISTMAS Indigo Doe!

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