Hi there,

I know this has probably been done to death, but be gentle with me as I am new here!

Every year, without fail, a few days before Christmas, I dust off my favourite Christmas movies and watch them all. I try to add to my collection each year, but must confess I've never watched the classics (wonderful life, white christmas, original miracle on 34th st etc) from fear that I won't enjoy them as they will be dated.

However, each time I google the best christmas movies, I am surprised that Die Hard makes the list? As much as I love this film (I am a bloke afterall!) I wouldn't consider it a Christmas movie.

So just wanted to share with you the movies that make me feel good and gives me that warm glow inside, call Christmas spirit. In no particular order:

A Christmas Carol (any of them. I love them all. Alex Simms is the best, but I love Jim Carey one too).
Muppets Christmas Carol (Ok, xmas carol is my favourite story of all time. Dickens, you're a god).
Christmas with the kranks (cheesey I know!)
Home Alone 1 & 2 (for the music and decorations. Especially Rockafella xmas tree)
Polar Express
The Snowman
Nightmare before christmas
The Santa Clause
Santa Claus the Movie (great memories of watching this as a child)
Love Actually
Fred Claus

Anyone got any other suggestions?