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Thread: What's too early..

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    Smile What's too early..

    To start listening to Christmas music?

    I have my own rule where I don't start listening to it until the the day after thanksgiving. Because its just weird listening to it when you have trick-or-treaters.

    I do have to admit, I have been starting listening to it before Halloween. Just a little bit. So, thats not really breaking my rule, is it?
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    While I could listen to Christmas music at any time during the year, I don't like hearing Christmas music on the radio until after Halloween. Two of our local radio stations had a "Christmas preview weekend" this past weekend and I listened to them quite a bit.
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    I love it all year round. But I really get in to it right after Halloween. My kids on the other hand are not ready yet they say.: singing :: singing :

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    i have got my 16 favourite christmas songs on my ipod all year round and listen to them all year round. not constantly just occasionally.

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    I start listening the day after thanksgiving. The station I listen to starts on Thanksgiving, so I start when I'm going to sleep on thanksgiving night.

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    I tend to start listening to Crimbo (Christmas) music from mid November and from the beginning of December, I'll put my mp3 Crimbo CD in the car which has over 300 tracks on - wether they be Christmas Songs or Carols!
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!!

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    Why not listen to it the year around. Just this week during a snowstorm here in MIchigan one of the radio staions was playing I'm Dreaming of a White Chistmas.

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    I agree. You can actually find a lot of internet-stations playing christmas music all year round.

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    I don't listen until the day after Thanksgiving also. I am giddy with excitement though, as I have been loading my music to myspace player and want to hear it all, lol
    Our local radio station is already playing it too. I love the people on there, they are so wonderful!! Terry King has the most beautiful heart of them all.
    Just click on the Christmas Channel button.
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    Wishing all a safe and loving Holiday!!

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    thanks for the link. I also noticed Delilah is on that channel to now! I love her show!presents

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