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Thread: Gift Idea for Girlfriend?

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    Some classic nirvana vinyl would be pretty nice.

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    I have to admit that I have always been terrible with "Girlfriend" gifts but I always come through at the last minute. Two years back (around when this was first posted, lol) I decided to book us both a trip up to Niagara Falls, the Canadian Side, which turned into an awesome trip and memory for the two of us. The following year I got her a whole mess of 'smaller things' and, oddly enough, the favorite gift was a hand-drawn sketch of her and her then-recently passed Grandmother. I had it done for like $20 bucks by this little Chinese dude in the Mall and put it in a Dollar-Store frame.

    My ace in the hole is a quick train or car ride to Rockefeller Center and their Christmas tree (I live like 20 minutes outside of New York City) I have yet to find a women who wasn't over come with the Christmas Spirit after a couple evening hours in NYC. I'd recommend that to anyone who lived within reasonable distance (or to make a day of it) of a major Metropolitan City.
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    Can you paint or draw? A portrait is a beautiful thing to give a loved One as it shows time and effort. They get something to keep and She will know that you sat long and hard looking a at her beautiful face.

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    1 - paint a nirvana album cover in a canvass
    2 - compile all the nirvana albums
    3 - play a guitar and record the best nirvana song for her (or her favorite nirvana song)

    those are the ideas in my mind that you can do for her.

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    try an unique gift idea: a leaf with artwork on it. It can be put into her favorite book as a bookmark. Check out:
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    Here in Sweden you can "by" a star for the person you love, i think this is a great way to tell a person how special he or she is.
    Otherwise why not a "adopt" a animal in her name, there are several parks that takes care of animals that needs sponsors.
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    How about gifting her a bobblehead. A custom made bobblehead would be a good and unique Christmas gift that she would cherish all her life. A custom bobblehead with both of your faces on it would look good and be a perfect love gift for Christmas.
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