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Thread: Wrapping Gifts

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    :gift: Wrapping Gifts

    When do you start wrapping? The second you buy the item? The beginning of December? The night before? Once you've bought absolutely everything?

    I have always wrapped at a different time each year, and i'd love to hear about others wrapping schedules


    Paper styles? Ribbon? Bows?

    What do you think is best?


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    jeremy m Guest
    i perfer gift bags(it's easier for me)on anything

    mom usally puts gifts in gift bags,wraps them..etc for me,i done it before but not anymore

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    I like to wrap a few days before Christmas. I keep everything hidden 'cause I don't want any peeking so I don't worry about getting the wrapping scratched. I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping but the wrapping part is something I save for later.

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    noomitje8 Guest
    I just wrap as I go along, when I get home with a christmas present I bought, I'll wrap it right away. That way there is never any peeking. It's also good because I like to go all-out on wrapping (tons of ribbon and such) and the average present takes me about 45 minutes to wrap. If I had to do them all at once, it would take me a whole entire day!

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    I wrap everything at one time. I avoid bows and such because the gifts will be easier to stack and pile under the tree without wrecking bows.

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    I wrap as I purchase, but add the bows and ribbons just before they go under the tree or are given out.
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    I wrap the presents a few days before Christmas. I use ribbons.
    Its the season to be jolly

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    north adams ma.


    I wrap as i go and i love adding ribbon and bows and pretty christmas stickie name tags.

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