Hi Guys,

Just a heads up about my friend Christopher Dennis and his latest Christmas Song - The Christmas Sandwich.

Chris wrote the song last year as a Christmas prezzie to his family, as he was too skint to buy 'em anything, this year he, along with friends and family, recorded a cracking new video for it at the family home.

We are hoping to boost this song all the way to the Christmas number 1 spot, as it genuinely is a brilliant Christmas song.

There are many Facebook campaigns this year to knock the evil X-Factor Corporation off the top spot for Christmas, 'Bird is the Word' etc. which may be slightly amusing since Family Guy popularized it last year, but lets face it, 'slighty amusing' is all it will be.

How about helping the real underdog get a real Christmas song that's actually ABOUT Christmas to the top spot.

We've all been there on boxing day with the leftovers and piled them between two slices o' bread

Anyway enough of my blabbering, check it out

I cant post the URL so punch 'CHRISTMAS SANDWICH' into youtube and check it out

Search 'CHRISTMAS SANDWICH' on facebook for the support group

(i hope have not broken the forum rules, i did through them and think im ok)