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Thread: The actual gifting?

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    Question The actual gifting?


    I'm new here, so I wasn't sure where to post this. I hope this is okay.

    I have a question! Me and my family do christmas on the 24th, we have dinner and exhange gifts. However there will be a total of 28 people this year, and approximately 150 gifts..

    How can we organise the actual gifting in a way that there's an appropriate amount of time and attention given to each gift?

    (Usually, we forbid everyone to label gifts, put them all under the tree, then we let the youngest child pick the first one, it is given to whomever it belongs to, than that person picks a gift and so on... but it's always a mess and there have never been this many people..)

    I hope you can help, and thanks already!

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    It seems like a bit of a nightmare. There will be wrapping all around, and I'm guessing a few small children all around as well. Give each gift a little over 1 min. and you are looking at 3 almost 3 hours of present opening.

    My only suggestion would be to break up your groups and presents in some way. Have a representative from each family in each group? ???

    Good luck!
    Merry Christmas

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    It's too late now, but next year you should consider pulling names from a hat and just buying for that one person!
    I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

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