There is a wide range of slimline or half Christmas trees available from Christmas Lights etc UK which are incredibly handy for small living rooms or narrow spaces such as hallways, busy places such as the workplace or cramped corners!

There are many space-saving slimline and half Christmas trees available from Christmas Lights etc in response to a huge demand for space saving trees. These come in all sizes and styles, the most popular Christmas tree designs usually come in a slim version which saves valuable floor space. People may make the assumption that the slim Christmas tree is flimsy and of inferior beauty to the fuller Christmas tree, but this is simply not the case. Most slim-line Christmas trees and half trees have the same amount of foliage as their fuller counterparts; it is just the base diameter that is smaller. The long, narrow shape of the slim Christmas tree also gives it a very classy and elegant look.

All slimline Christmas trees a have one thing in common – they are all artificial Christmas trees. A good choice of artificial slimline Christmas trees is all very well, but what about those who wish to purchase a real Christmas tree but have limited space? The problem is that most popular species of Christmas tree, such as the Norway spruce and Nordman fir, are cultivated to produce full, bushy foliage, in keeping with the idealistic notion of the ‘perfect’ Christmas tree. However, the Serbian spruce, a relative of the Norway spruce, has a beautifully narrow silhouette, making it perfect for small spaces. Unfortunately, this species of Christmas tree is only grown on a very small scale.

Do not despair if you live or work in cramped conditions – there will be a suitable slimline or half Christmas tree from Christmas Lights etc, here for you!