Ultimate Christmas Gift for man above 60!

And the answer is...........Genuine Swiss Army Knife.

Every boy growing up in the 50s and 60s wanted a Swiss Army Knife, but they were damn expensive (still are really).

But it's not just nostalgia or the feeling of finally being able to collect something you've wanted since you were a kid (like a limited edition Star Wars Bobba Fett Action Figure), a Swiss Army Knife recognises that you still think of your man AS A MAN.

A man who can do things around the house.

A man who can be relied on to do handywork.

A man who is still needed at some capacity to protect or take care of the family.

It recognises our worth as males (maybe in the same way that lingerie/perfume recognises your appeal as females...?) and empowers us with masculinity.

Yes, it appeals to our egos.


Swiss Army Knife On!