Hi everyone

My name is Chris from Christmas Island (true, my name really is Chris!) in the Indian Ocean.

We're a part of Australia and yes, it's Christmas Day every day here as the local saying goes.

There are about 1500 people living here, most work at the local phosphate mine or in the government sector.

It's named 'Christmas Island' because it was found on Christmas Day in 1643 by a passing British East India Company.

As we are our own territory of Australia, we have our own postage stamps, postmarks, etc (but we use Australian money, laws, etc) which people get a kick out of on Christmas Day when they receive a Letter from Santa or Christmas Card that is postmarked from Christmas Island.

Usually I send out Christmas cards to friends and relatives, but this year I thought I would spread the cheer out to the rest of the world and offer to send Christmas Cards and Letters from Santa to anyone who wants one.

For the gift to get someone 'who has everything' why not give them a Christmas Card postmarked from Santa's Village on Christmas Island? If you have a kid who needs tangible proof of the magic of Christmas, email me some accomplishments they have made during the year (hit a home run? got an A in math class?) and I will handwrite a letter to them to congratulate them on being a 'nice boy or girl' (because Santa is always looking out for those naughty and nice kids right?) and send it to the mail. They'll see the postmark from 'Christmas Island' and they can believe in Santa for one more precious year. (Keep the letter on the fridge as a daily reminder that Santa is real!)

Or if you just want to collect a Christmas Island stamp, there's one free with every letter sent, lol.

All I ask is that you paypal me $8.00USD to cover the cost of buying a card and posting internationally (postage to the US and Europe is rather costly from Australia).