I am not really sure which thread this post should reside but "Decorations" seemed like an appropriate topic.

Not to bore everyone with the details, my girlfriends sister is getting Married at the end of the month and her their little brother, Tommy, was in need of a new suit to wear. Tommy looks up to me and my girlfriends mother asked me if I would take him to look for one last night. So we both set out into the night on a quest for a little man suit.

Anyways, I used most of the time driving to fill his little 6 year old brain with propaganda about the New York Jets (the American football team) as he comes from a strictly New York Giants football family (Cross town rivals-- my girlfriend included )

While we are driving to the store I start asking him what he wants from Santa this year and he runs a couple things off that I have saved to memory. But then goes on to tell me that he doesn't know if Santa is going to be coming or not? And "Emanual" is always watching him.

Instantly, given this day and age, I fear this is something not so innocent (I need to stop watching those predator shows on MSNBC!!) and think he is talking about Emanuel their landscaper whom I recommended for the job.

So I asked, "The guy that takes care of mommy's flowers?" and he says, 'No the elf that is in the living room" At this point I am just full on confused. It turns out that "Emanuel" is what is called "The Elf on the Shelf" -- a toy or decoration for children -- who is something like a Spy for Santa.

He comes with a story and the kids name him (apparently after the Landscaper) then at night he returns to the north pole to report on the child or children's activities to Santa. Each morning during the Christmas season the Elf is 'miraculously' at another part of the house checking up the children to see if they are naughty or nice.

Tommy is down right frightened of him! Looking at it, this doll does have a stranger expression which seems kinda creepy and beings that he travels all around the house a night may be something of little kids nightmares.

Long story short, I told Tommy that he has nothing to be afraid of and "Emanual" used to come to my house when I was a kid too. Then I said I will talk to Santa tonight and tell him that "Emanuel" should be more friendly.

Coincidently, on the way home I bought a butterfinger candy bar that "Emanual" will 'bring' back from the north pole tomorrow morning as a show of good faith.

Has anyone heard or use the Elf on the Shelf with their kids? Have they ever had problems like this? Really, it is a cute thing to do for kids but I could see that some might not be so pleased with the idea of it right away.