Lempit Opik can say no comment as much as he likes but this professinal lier can speak poltics jargon to get him out of being grilled about what he's been doing but not about him going out with a cheeky girl, LEMPIT AINT GETTIN AWAY WITH THAT 1! Lempit might have get out of being grilled about our money by playing the professional lier when he's in goverment but he aint going to get away with being grilled about his cheeky antics with Gabriela Irimia when he's on a cheeky holiday with the cameras watching an experts on his case to see if his body langage is cheekly akward and he can say it's not someting he brags about but I don't mean to brag but even if it was there would be nothing to brag about as everybody in the country has already bragged all over town about his cheeky holiday and since you've gone on another public holiday are keen to give you a trip down memory lane about your cheeky holiday, publicity included! So who reckons that as long as Lempit is on I'm a celeb, there is no getting out of here for this cheeky boy, Lempit can say get me out of here for the tasks, but there is no getting out of here for his Cheeky side, he can take his shoes of but he can't hide, we can still see he bathes in his socks. He's left politics for reality TV and is soon to realise the reality of reality TV, he can't hide from his cheeky side so Lempit... don't ask why, don't be shy, touch my bum this is life!