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Thread: Christmas 2010 Has arrived HoHo

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    :tree: Christmas 2010 Has arrived HoHo

    Well its been sometime since I last wrote an christmas article.
    I wanted to write about decorating your christmas tree this year!

    Decorating trees for Christmas has been going on for hundred years and is a well established tradition. Opting to go for a more traditional look this Christmas does not mean that the Christmas tree should devoid of decorations.
    Handmade Christmas Trees
    No, the Christmas tree doesn't have to be handmade, or artificial! But getting some handmade decorations up on the tree is an important aspect of getting the traditional Christmas look. If you own an artificial tree you can still make your tree look magical this holiday season.

    There is so much decorations tree ornaments now available that offer the opportunity for yourself or the rest of your family to create and transform your tree.. Normally the best ornament for the traditional tree to have is the fairy that goes on the top of the tree, or a star.
    Decorating The Tree!

    Another thing to remember when decorating the tree with traditional decorations is to choose decorations that aren't too fussy. I don't mean bland decorations, I mean that they're simple and yet elegant, because you do not want tree with too much going on as festive attention when your gaze happens to fall on the tree.

    Lighting “Christmas Lights”Alright, so a traditional Christmas tree would have had candles upon it, but in this day and age there is no need to put your home at risk of setting it on fire. The key to lighting your Christmas tree when you want it to remain uncluttered is to pick lights that will blend in with your tree decorations also to complement the appearance of your tree. O Yes another tip check your Christmas lights are working before you place them on the tree there is nothing worse to find out when you have decorated the tree that the dam lights do not work.

    Another Tip if you really want to impress your family and neighbours is to place velvet or silk cloth around the bottom of the tree it really does finish it of nicely there is nothing worse to see a beautiful tree all decorated and then you see either plastic legs or ugly bucket.

    Also another tip is to try and create a theme for the tree! For example last year I wanted to have a theme of jesters and Victorian theme. So I had some Katherine’s Collection jester dolls and I placed them into the tree at angles some even upside down I must say it really looked really magical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by decorliving;40861[B
    Lighting “Christmas Lights”[/B] check your Christmas lights are working before you place them on the tree there is nothing worse to find out when you have decorated the tree that the dam lights do not work.

    This is so true! I did check my lights before I decorated the tree last year, and they were fine. A few days later a strand went out right in the middle of the tree. We joked that my tree had a waist.

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