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Thread: Dragon for christmas?

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    Dragon for christmas?


    my 9 years old daughter would like to get a living dragon for christmas. (not from me..)
    She is very sensitive and cannot handle the "truth" that there are no dragons anymore because they died out or are living in another dimension ect. Then she collapses and cry so hopeless.
    This began 2 months ago. After a while I stopped my soft and loving but even cynical "adult talk" as couldn't sustain the effect on her and i started to think and read books about the dragon as a symbol, and to try to believe..
    She imagines herself flying on the back of the dragon that has a crown and sharp nails and is not black. Every day she is counting back on the size as she thinks it to be the problem..
    This is not something to buy out with a plastic toy i think..
    Do you have any (genial) creative ideas?

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    While I think that a nine year old is maybe a bit too old to think that dragons exist and cry when told that they don't, I'm an even stronger believer that no adult should ever suppress or dampen a child's imagination. If she believes in dragons, good for her.

    When my son was three he wanted some kind of mystical creature (an elf or fairy, I think). What we told him may work for your daughter as well. Just say that it isn't safe for dragons to live among humans, much less with little girls, but that shouldn't sadden her because it's for the dragon's own good. After all, you can tell her, if she loved lions or bears as much as dragons, she still couldn't keep one of those as a pet, could she? Then maybe get her a plush dragon and tell her that if she loves it enough, all the real dragons in the world will feel her love too. I did a quick check on and they have some beautiful dragons for as little as $12.00 if you search for "plush dragon." I hope that helps. I hate to disappoint a child. I remember when my son was 2 years old he saw a Snuggle fabric softener commercial and fell in love with the bear. He would nap with a sealed box of snuggle dryer sheets because he thought there was a bear inside. Thank goodness my wife and I found a website that sold plush Snuggle bears and so I didn't have to tell my little boy that he was in love with a toy that didn't exist!

    Good luck!

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