I've used crazysales LED Christmas lights for years, because those are brighter and more vibrant than C7 and C9 lights which I didn't use for years. Here a pic of a part of decor last year, the candles really seasoned that night with retro flavor :


This year, I read a lot online and compare some sorts of Christmas lights in the market and want to ask you guys for opinion on which kind to choose.
Firstly LED lights. As I said, I love using this kind, because they are smart, durable even being used outdoors, also save energy. For they are very popular, I can easily find various shapes and sizes of LED Christmas lights out there, which offers me more options for arrangement.
Then incandescent lights. They are really small, can fit in gags of a Christmas tree. While they are not as bright as LED ones and can't survive multiple uses.
And solar Christmas lights. As green-energy-powered lights, they really appeal to me. Although they might be not as bright as electric-powered lights, I think highly of their duration and environmentally friendly nature. It seems they have been advocated in these years, so there are many designs and sizes of this kind of Christmas lights too.

In all, I am into LED and solar Christmas lights this year.
What about you guys? Any opinion or advice for decoration for this year?