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Thread: Inflatables, Cute or Tacky?

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    I don't mind one or two, I think when the whole yard is filled with them they look kind of bad.

    I like displays and lights moreso, with one or two at the most that add to what's there.

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    They certainly must be growing in popularity because there are TONS of them for sale these days!!

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    Well i dont have any, not really my style but they dont bother me. My neighbour about 4 houses down has put there decs up and they have a massive inflatable snow globe set up which is sweet.
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    The snow globes and the merry-go-rounds are cute!
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    I would say tacky but it depends on how it looks.

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    ...and I live in a hole...
    So let the raucous sleigh bells jingle,
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Mole View Post
    Everything's tacky when you live in a hole.

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    I like them. We had a snowman family that decided to give up this year. We might replace it with an LED globe.

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    Some of the inflatables are tacky if you use more than one. But, we have been using them for a couple years, very easy and quick to setup. Maybe we are just lazy.

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    I'd love to have the snowglobe one. Other than that, it's really not my style but, I like whatever decorations anyone else puts up. I appreciate the work they go through and I know that they're enjoying themselves and must love the holidays. Decorations in the yard usually mean people in the holiday mood live there and I like that.

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