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Thread: Tree's and decorations

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    Tree's and decorations

    I'm after a Christmas tree and decorations, but I don't know what would look right.
    My room is Black & White, but I'm completely stumped whether to go for a white or a black tree! Also decorating it too, should I add in another colour?
    I really don't know where to start looking for decorations, any suggestions?

    Many thanks

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    You could really use any color ornaments to compliment black and white. I think red would look really pretty or even a pink. What colors do you use in other rooms?

    I have heard that white trees seem to turn brownish after a few years so if you go with white I wouldn't buy an expensive one.

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    I've bought a tree and decorations from and got my lights from

    Just go for the usual christmasy colours! Plenty of red and white!

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    I wouldn't go for black. I'd say red, white, gold and silver are always good on any background and I'm a traditional person so I'd say green for the tree! Do let us know what you decide on and share pics if you think it works well :-)

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    Popcorn Garland

    I'm going to be posting pictures soon of my tree this year, but one decoration I am absolutely in LOVE with is this Original Popcorn On A String that I found online last season. It brings out this old-fashioned/traditional feeling and it looks great! It's wax-coated so it stays preserved, and they are the biggest kernels of popcorn I've ever seen! I'm never stringing popcorn again!!! They have original plain garland and then also Jingle Berry which looks cute but I didn't buy those (YET)

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