Every year my plan is to be done decorating by Thanksgiving so that I can kick back relax and enjoy the finished product for as many days as possible. Through the years I have only achieved this goal a handful of times. These days with 40 plus bins of inside decorations 3 large trees and 5 small trees and a substantial amount of outside lights it can be quite a daunting task. I do so love doing it though.

This year I have removed one major consumer of my free time as I have backed away from a model railroad club that I truly enjoyed. My leave of absence made a big difference in my train layout progress this year so we shall see if I can pull off Christmas 2010 between now and Thanksgiving.

I will post my progress and count down the days in this thread so you can follow along and see if I can reach my goal. I got my start this weekend by trimming bushes and trees and cleaning flower beds in preparation of the outdoor display. Today I cleaned the hardwood floors laid down the train board and erected my first and largest tree. Here are some pics.