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Aussie here so our menu is a little unusual.

Breakfast is usually a massive fry up consisting of steak, eggs, baked beans, bacon, chipolatas, sausages mushrooms, tomatoes

We usually have a massive lunch following that of roast beef, turkey and pork, salt and pepper calamari,garlic prawns & with fresh prawns, full roast veggies but also lots of salads (pasta/potato/greek/garden/bean/coleslaw) and usually a potato bake & pasta bake thrown in there as well. for dessert we usually have cheesecake, trifle, apple pie and Christmas pud and we usually snack on this all day or have left overs for dinner.
we usually have anywhere from 9 people to 30 for lunch depending on whats going on.

We also always have cheese and antipasto platters to start off lunch with.

We also spend most of the day swimming and drinking beer
How can you eat that much in one day?! I think I'd be sick!