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Thread: Accidentally finding your Christmas presents

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    :gift: Accidentally finding your Christmas presents

    Did anyone ever accidentally come across your Christmas Presents before Christmas Day?

    I remember one time when I was a child, I was in my parents room and I opened the wardrobe and I found a Ghostbusters Gun. It was a torch that had slides if ghosts on it, so when you pressed the button it projected the images. When I told my mother that I had found it she told me it was my cousins Christmas present. Then on Christmas morning when I opened my presents I discovered that the Ghostbusters Gun was mine. It was a brilliant present.

    Another Christmas I walked into my sisters room where I found my brother, mother and sisters playing an Atari 2600. They quickly turned it off and on Christmas Morning I discovered that the 2600 Atari was actually my Christmas present. They were trying it out themselves when I walked in on them all playing it.

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    Those are two great stories yuletide! And what classic gifts! :D
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    No, I never came across any of my gifts before Christmas. I was very afraid of my Mother and what she would do if I snoped and found my gifts.
    But on Christmas Day, my Mother would come across one of my gifts that she hid and forgot. So when I would go up the road to a relative's house, she would put the gift under the tree and tell me later that Santa forgot to leave it earlier. This happened many times. LOL.

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    No, because if I had looked for them and found them my mom would most likely have taken them back and maybe bought something else for me. She would have been really hurt too.

    So I didn't look, besides I wanted to keep it a surprise. And to be honest, it would have hurt my mom's feelings. She loves Christmas more than I do. She likes to surprise everyone.

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    My mom used to play with my presents before wrapping them. she had her door locked though while she and my sister played with them. But I didn't know back then and we (us girls ) knew better than to peak but my brother would tear holes in the paper to see what he got.them tape them back up. He was found out one year and they stopped bying his so early. But mom never took anything back.

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    I remember snooping and finding my gifts one year. It really took the fun out of it and I never did it again. I remember one present was a bathrobe, not exactly a fun gift anyway.
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    I found them one time, but by this time I was already 14 or so, and already knew about Santa. So it didn't ruin anything for me as far as Santa is concerned. But I did sneak a peek, and felt super guilty for doing it. haha I never looked for Christmas presents after that again.

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    Wish you all a very merry x'mas!
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    I remember one year mom let me see everything I got for christmas before christmas morning. It ruined christmas that year and I never asked what I got agian. Now my hubby needs to secret santa my gifts so I can be surprised. He has a hard time shopping for me but I usually get everything I ask for. No surprises there. so next year I am going to give him a list of 20 things I want and let his brother take him shopping for me so I won't know everything I get.
    Wishing you many hot cocoa mornings and firesky nights throughout the new year!

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    I came across my "Wheel of Fortune" board game and my "Get In Shape Girl" ballet/workout set. Every year after that, I intentionally went looking for my gifts

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