My family (restraint) consists of 3 members....that means 3 people I need to make happy on Christmas day, normally with 3 separate gifts. Now, given the fact that my mom is extremely picky when it comes to getting us gifts, and letting alone my dad who's always been crazy for getting these exactly based on our preferences and tastes, I thought of trying something different for them this Christmas:

Having a hand made huge painting from our family photo... and not just any photo..it's a photo since when I was 10 and my sister 8, taken when my uncles from Barcelona came to visit us and all the family gathered together in our house for 3 whole days. I guess that was the happiest memory of my family together..

Anyways, what do you think of this gift, considering that I'm on a relatively tight budget this year as I'm unemployed right now and just can't afford buying some decent gifts to each of them?

Is it too small? Do you think it's too insignificant? Please let me know what you'd think if you were them and saw a big painting of all of us together as a "collective" Christmas gift...

Here's the source I found for the gift so that you can make an idea about what it is: www.paintedsouvenirs.com