I am so excited about Christmas this year! I missed last year due to the fact my twins were born prematurely on the 23rd December! I was in hospital with them in the SCBU on Christmas eve, Christmas Day, Boxing day and over new years so I missed almost the entire holiday season! It was heart-breaking as I have a 2 year old and I missed her 2nd Christmas :-(

This year, I've decided that as I missed Christmas last year I am going to celebrate for twice as long this year and have started the countdown and festivities now on 1st November (I usually start in December).

Christmas is going to be so special. I will have my whole family (me, hubby, DD1 and twins DD2&3) together and it will be the first Christmas where my oldest daughter actually understands what is going on!

I'm going to do everything going this year to make Christmas as awesome as possible. I'm talking making cards with my little ones, I'm thinking blasting Christmas music through my house while me and my 2 year old dance around and bake mince pies, while also making Christmas cards and watching Christmas movies!! I'm going to check out when all the churches are holding their carol services and plan on going to as many as I can. I'll be taking my girls to Santa's grotto in Williams and Griffins and to the zoo's Christmas event and, even though I've already bought all the presents I need to get, I'll be taking them late night shopping to see the fake snow blown across the town! :-)

I'm waiting for December before I start to decorate the house because I don't want us to be bored of the decorations by the time Christmas gets here, but I'll be putting my Christmas CD in the car tomorrow and the card-making and Christmas-themed-baking can commence right away!

So, because of the fact I missed it last year, I am having twice as much holiday this year and I invite everybody else to join in and start early, too!

I unofficially declare it holiday season NOW, people! Bring it on! Lets start card-making, baking, decorating, family-visiting, christmas-music-listening, wine-mulling & carol singing! Hooray! Happy holidays! :-)