Do you like the rock or classical music?

There's a lot of talk these days about reinventing classical music(Indianapolis Colts). Or maybe just reinventing its marketing, but in any case doing something to make it (Quebec Nordiques Joe Sakic #19 CCM Throwback Blue )come alive -- and assure its survival -- in an age of O.J. Simpson and Madonna.There's been some action(2010 Olympic Team Canada #19 THORNTON Red Newest), too, I know. Record companies offer classical CDs(Calgary Flames) with perky cartoon covers. The three tenors have been marketed almost as a pop act. And(Pittsburgh Penguins), in an unusual but not completely atypical move, the Columbus (30th Anniversar) Symphony -- having discovered that Harley-Davidson riders are as upscale as its usual audience -- built a marketing(New York Rangers #99 Wayne Gretzky Blue ) campaign around the joint excitement of symphonic climaxes and motorcycles.