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Thread: Smells of christmas

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    jeremy m Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Jordan View Post
    I got a 'Christmas Wreath' Yankee candle from my mom last year. Smells like fresh pine bows. Love it!
    i like that christmas wreath scent too

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    Quote Originally Posted by TIATIA View Post
    ...and I loved the smell of the freshly baked Christmas kourabiedes and melomakarona. Traditional Christmas pastries. And the smell of cinnamon...always a favorite.
    Most of us are probably unfamiliar with those cookies, so here's a link to recipes and photos:

    "Hail him who saves you by his grace,
    and crown him Lord of all."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marshmallow World View Post
    Most of us are probably unfamiliar with those cookies, so here's a link to recipes and photos:
    A very good idea Marshmallow World

    Merry Snowy Christmas
    Love & Peace to the World

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    Love the smell of freshly baked fruitcake and cinnamon scented candles
    I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

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    we have artificial trees but I buy pine scented thingys and hide them on the tree. Love pine scent for the season

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    I agree with Elf Erv - love pine scent, but we have an artificial tree as well. I love walking through the Garden Center of Home Depot at Christmas, just to feel the needles and smell the pine. Refreshing!
    Joy to You!

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    The Pine scent reminds me of something I read years ago. I read that if you boil up some Christmasy spices like ginger and cinnamon it will make your house smell like you've been doing Christmas baking. I've never tried it myself.

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    And what about the smell of Christmas boxes inside, when you get them down for start decorating..
    Maybe, not a great smell, but, I do not know, there is just something happenning when opening the boxes every November..
    A smell, that I can not explain..

    And so, as Tiny Tim observed, "God Bless us!! Everyone!!''
    A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens (1843)

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    I know just what you're saying, olga!

    We don't have a natural tree at my place for Xmas, but I do love the smell, so every year I get one of those pine-scented candles that always does the trick. We sometimes hang a natural wreath inside, too, which always smells so great.

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    My favorite christmas smells are the smell of a fire burning in a fireplace or outside, pine, & the smell of my grandma's breakfast casserole cooking in the stove on christmas morning!

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