Do you like Mariah Carey?

Christmas has come really early for songstress Mariah Carey, she plans to record a festive album for the 2010 holidays.
Carey’s previous Christmas album, Merry Christmas, became one of the world’s best-selling albums of all time after it was released in 1994. And now, the singer has plans to follow up the compilation with a new set of holiday classics.
The album, which is scheduled for release in early November , will also feature six new songs and a new mix of her hit All I Want For Christmas Is You.
n Wyclef Jean is adamant he is still in the running for the Haiti presidency, dismissing a rumour he had been kicked out of the race ahead of the official candidacy announcement.
The former Fugees man plans to run for office in his homeland, but is waiting for his candidacy to be approved by officials in Haiti, who have to decide whether he meets the electoral criteria.
The announcement was due on Tuesday, but was delayed until Friday and rumours have been swirling ahead of the deadline, suggesting Jean has already been struck from the running list.
But speaking on an international TV show, Jean was adamant the list was fake and that he met electoral rules by having Haitian residency for the past five years.
Reuters reported that Jean had been barred from contesting. “We have had residence in Haiti for five years, more than five years,” he said.