Altough this is clear proof that the Archie Mitchell storyline is a novelty one, I think that the novelty is now waring and getting old if not tedious. For starters, the guy aint killed anybody, so he is not a moster, shaddap ya face Glenda, Peggy made it very clear at his funeral that he is forgiven, oh and dead, so do us all a favor an let him rest in peace everybody before ya'll lot are the dead 1s an not Archie, there is also that matter of everybody believe cccrazy girl Ronnie about Daddy spilling his night cap and oh of coarse there is spoilt brat Roxy compare Archie to Lucas in the bad Dad catagory, umm... GO COMPARE, COS IT PAYS TO BE CONFUSED.COM! Stop milking this storyline, make something up about a cursed mash potato giving the square a epademic or something AARRRRGGGGHHHH!