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Thread: How do you decorate your Chandelier ?

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    How do you decorate your Chandelier ?

    I have always had recessed lights, but this time I am putting a Chandelier in my dining room just for christmas. Could some of you post a picture of your light? I haven't bought my light yet and I need to figure the best style of light to decorate with. I hope you understand what I am asking. How about this one, it is on sale? It might be too big, but one like it would allow for wrapping garland and/or hang ornaments. I could do with or without shades- different shade colors.


    PS -- This is the one I finally bought and hung
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    As far as you picking a chandelier it would depend on your decor.

    I put garland around mine and put some ornaments on top and some hanging. I have been using plastic ornaments and different picks I use plastic because I have a glass table and don't want something heavy to fall on the glass or want one to fall as we are eating. Originally I had purchased some angels to hang down but they were really heavy.

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    If you want to decorate your chandelier you are right to really give it some thought. My chandelier is very modern and wouldn't look right if I decorated it!

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    I have a brass chandelier with 5 short curved arms and 5 long curved arms. I weave pine rope garland through the arms. Then I use either decorative hangers or thin ribbon to attach ornaments to the chandelier arms. Usually I hang antique gold ornaments but sometimes I switch off to delicate pewter ones or I use a theme like all birds.

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    They sound lovely. Does anyone have any pictures?

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    we have on in the living room so we tie any extra christmas tree baubles onto it, so they hang down and catch the light x

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