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    New Ideas

    When you start thinking about decorating for Christmas, do you look around for new ideas? Like how you can save money or whether you can just do something different. I found a site that talks about LED lights, which is all the rage this year. What do you guys think?

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    I like the way LED lights look but my old lights are still usable so I'll stick with them til they wear out. I usually look through my collection of Christmas books for ideas. Sometime something I've passed on for years strikes my fancy and I try it. If I like it, it becomes a tradition. I also look in library books when the new Chriatmas ones come out.

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    I think I might give the LED lights a try...I already bought my Christmas tree!

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    :light: LED Lights

    I keep hearing from people that do massive amounts of lighting during the holidays that LEDs saved them several hundred dollars on ther electric bills when compared to the year before. If you decide to get the LEDs you could always donate your old lights to Goodwell and get the tax deduction for the donation.
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    We had LED's on our living room tree last year.....all 3500 of them and

    they were really good..

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    I have found that the great thing about LED lights is that you can string way more together so you don't have to worry about all those power strips

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    I have some of the white LED lights on the tree long with quite a few colour ones. With all them combined the trees is bright enough to light up the entire room!

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    We used colored LED lights on our tree last year! Loved the way they looked!

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    Not a big fan of LED lights, myself. To me, they appear dull and just don't have the same luminescence as the traditional lights. The energy efficiency is a big plus, though. Maybe I'll switch over one day...

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