Hi, I hope you will love this story.

there was village situated among the hills and temple at one of the corner of village .a hunter used to go there with his bow &arrow .One day he found a deer with beautiful eyes. He stopped ,took his arrow and aimed at deer……but suddenly something really unexplainable stopped him from throwing the arrow .he could not justify his act not to hurt the deer.

On second day hunter went to same place and found the same deer standing there ,but today he made up his mind to kill the deer .but same unexplainable thing in her eyes stopped him again . he remained confused for days but then he went to one of the person from the village and asked "why does it come here every day? " person replied "that deer comes here to hear the drum which is played at the temple every sunset" .But this could not satisfy the hunter ,he thought how can a deer come to hear the drum as it run away by just sound of the falling leaves.

On third day also he found the same deer ,on same place but this time he decided to visit the priest of the temple and asked the same thing .

Priest told " the deer comes here not hear the drum but it comes here to see that drum ,as it is made up of the skin of her beloved."…….