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Thread: us your desktop!

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    13 us your desktop!

    As the title says...take a snap of your desktop and post it up here!

    Click it for full-size:

    ...And what it looks like when I'm busy (notice the red/green theme to the title bars...yep...I'm feeling a bit festive right now

    Same deal, click for full-size:

    Just in case we have any other Ubuntu users in the house, here's the theme info...

    GTK - Gm-Looks from
    Metacity - Clearlooks2-squared-berries from
    Wallpaper: "Xmas Spectacle" from
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    Just changed it to this today.

    My desktop is in need of a good cleaning.

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    Hi there!

    This is mine:

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!!

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    I have the defoult page as the desktop i.e windows.

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