A recipe that last for 70 years now, my grandmother used to make, then my mum and now, me.

Ingredients - dough

- flour for pies - 750 g
- sugar - 1 spoonful
- salt - 2 spoonfuls
- olive oil - 200 g (one cup)
- warm water
- 1 block of fresh yeast

Ingredients - filling

- spinach - 1 kg
- salt/pepper - at will
- feta cheese - at will
- dill or fennel thinly chopped


Dough Dissolve the yeast into warm water in a teacup.
Knead flour, oil, and salt.
Add the sugar to the yeast and pour the mixture in the flour.
Knead well until the dough no longer sticks to the hands and then make it into four parts.

Filling Dip the spinach briefly into boiling water, pull out and drain well. Keep in a soup bowl.
Cut the feta cheese (use hands) mix with spinach and add as much dill or fennel you would like, a little pepper, and a bit of lemon. Keep mixing the ingredients (use hands).
When the filling is ready, make it into four parts.
Take one of the four parts of dough and shape it into a rectangular. Spread on it one part of the filling, wrap well and seal the edges.
Repeat with the same with the remaining three parts of dough and filling.
Place the pies on a tray and bake in preheated oven, (180 C), for 30-40 minutes.

To help your bread take that characteristic light brown colour, season with olive oil.
Cut lightly and diagonally each pie and sprinkle with sesame.