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Thread: Weird dreams

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    Weird dreams

    Have any weird dream you want to share ? Post them here

    This one isn't exactly weird but it is one I had last night first of my grandad died 6 years ago yesterday . I had this dream where He appeared as a ghost across the gardens near my house he was rattling the gates and such then it all changed he disappeared and there was this big party and someone was sitting on my window they turned around and they looked at me the person looked the same as my grandad and just nodded at me and then I woke up . It was really weird and stuff what would you think of that dream would you think he was trying to tell me something?
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    Yes! But what???

    I had a dream when I was 4 yrs old that I will never forget. I was in bed and a fire was blazing all around the bed. I couldn't get up to go to the bathroom because of the flames and I was just petrified with fear. Well - you guessed it - I wet the bed. Then the next day I had to hear all these jokes from my family about how I was trying to put out the fire!

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