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Thread: I need a specialty star topper

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    I need a specialty star topper

    In 2008, I bought my little niece a miniature tree from Target, one themed to the Disney Princesses. It seems to be one of her prized possessions, and she confided in me that she now wants a star to top it. Problem is, most stars I've seen are either too big, too heavy or both. I'm thinking LED for the weight, but I'm really at a loss. It just seems like these trees don't get toppers made in their size and weight-holding capability. Disney Princess or Fairy preferable, if anything even exists.

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    Hi Welcome!

    I'm sorry, I haven't seen any small toppers, but I'll keep my eyes open.
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    Well this isn't a star, but I have seen little tiara's that might work. Do you think she would be open to that or does it have to be a star?

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    I would be open to it. It certainly ties in with the Disney Princesses--her main 2009 gift was a Target 7-Pack of Barbie-type DP's including The Princess Frog's Tiana. If you could direct me, I'd be grateful. Even if it didn't light up, that may not be a problem. Thanks!

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    I thought I saw little tiara's at Target, but I could be wrong. I know I have seen them, I just don't remember where . I would check out a place like Party City where they have the party favors for little girls. I don't know if you have one in your area, but I would check out a specialty Christmas store, or maybe Toys R Us or a craft store. I'm thinking if they don't have them at a craft store, an employee could direct you to a store that has them. They might also have a suggestion for how to make a light weight topper yourself.
    Good luck! Let me know what you find.

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    There are tiaras at Claires. Also, if you have a disney store in your local mall - check there

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