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Thread: My List of beaded Valentine Hearts Free Tutorials!

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    Lightbulb My List of beaded Valentine Hearts Free Tutorials!

    See my list of different types of free beaded heart tutorials, great as Valentine's day gifts.

    Add two new tutorial to the list:

    3D Rhinestone Heart:
    Finished Look:

    Easy 3D Crystal Heart:
    Finished Look:

    3D puffy heart:
    You can use beads and long bugle to make this puffy heart as in the tutorial but also try replacing all the long bugles with 3mm or 4mm crystals, it'll look like this:

    Beaded Heart shaped basket:
    Finished look:

    Bead and Crystal 3D Open Heart:
    Finished Look:

    All Crystal 3D Open Heart:
    Finished Look:

    3D Heart:
    Finished Look:

    Beaded Heart Shaped Brooch:
    Finished Look:

    Happy Valentine's Day Beading!
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