I had a big suprise last night.

This year a big supermarket chain here had a contest with which you can win €100($148) groceseries for your Christmas dinner. You had to write down the reason why one of your loved ones deserved this price. I wrote down a reason at my store why my mom deserved this and my mom wrote down one at hers why I deserved the €100 worth of groceries. Yesterday they called my mom to say that her reason won and that I can spend the money! I was really suprised and happy when she told me.

I decided to split the price(€50 each) with my mom and she will do the grocery shopping for me tonight and I will get it tomorrow(my brother's coming here.) Normally I would go down there, but the weather is so bad that driving is dangerous(slippery and snow) and that public transportation is a complete chaos. Now she will do it for me.

The funny thing is that with the same contest last year I won a box of luxury products for her. I guess we're on a winning path.

My mom rocks!