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Thread: The Polar Express (2004): The Magic Carpet on a Rail that Never Takes a Rest!

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    :tree: The Polar Express (2004): The Magic Carpet on a Rail that Never Takes a Rest!

    Greetings, Christmas lovers! It's nice to be in your holiday community! My favorite Christmas movie of all time is the Polar Express! This was also a story that I had forgotten about for almost 11 years,after reading it for the last time in 4th grade. When I first saw the trailer, all I saw was snow in the neighborhood and a little boy in his bed. But after hearing a train whistle and yellow lights going through his window, that's when I realized that it was the Polar Express! The movie was made by the same guy who directed Back to the Future and Who Framd Roger Rabbit! When I finally saw the movie, there were a lot of Back to the Future references in it, (even the train whistle!) as well as music that reminded me of Roger Rabbit, even the wacky rabbit's voice actor had a cameo! It was a movie worth seeing! Well, talk to you all later!

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    Hello and welcome
    I love this movie too,it has amazing plot and music

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    Polar Express's 25th Anniversary!

    For those of you Polar Express crazy, its 25th anniversary of publication falls on October 28th.

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