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Thread: best way to cook a turkey?

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    best way to cook a turkey?

    what the best way to cooka turkey - you hear so many different way - what do you thinks best?


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    the way we cook a turkey EVERY YEAR is when the turkey is being prepped for the oven we put seasonings in a bowl of miracle whip or mayonase and we mix it all up till the seasonings are well blended throughout. once blended we brush mayo all over the turkey leaving no spots unbrushed. place the foil/lid over the turkey and place in oven. there is no reason to baste the turkey at all. let it set in there and about 30-45 minutes or so from being done we remove the lid so the outer skin crisps to a light brown. take it out and your done!!

    literally, smear it, place it oven, forget about it till done. there is not one ounce of mayo on the turkey when its done cooking. you cant taste it at all, but the turkey sure is JUICY!!! never had a dry turkey yet!!!

    we were skeptical of this way of cooking but once we tried it, its the only method we go by now!!

    good luck if you decide to use this method!!!

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