Hi there,

I am an individual who has started a website selling some unusual and exotic candles. I hope it is ok if I let you know about it in this forum. My apologies to you and the admin if not.

Having trawled the web looking for unusual candles, I was a little disappointed with what I found. There were some very nice scented candles and pillar candles out there but not many in the way of something absolutely fantastic and different.

The response was to set up waxwonderful.com and to sell a variety of unusual and exotic candles sourced from some very interesting places. Some are crafted to mimic nature's creations whereas some are a good bit of fun. I think our candles are very distinctive and are not easily found on the web. Our favourite candle is the hand made Teak Leaf wax candle. This is something very special and you can see that it has been carefully created to mimic the leaves of the Teak tree.

Well enough of that and most importantly - Happy Christmas to you all!