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Thread: Handmade Jewellry

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    Handmade Jewellry

    My Name is Alannis and i Make Jewellry , I Only Started a few weeks ago so i only have a small collection , But Im hoping to build up a bigger one. All My Jewellry is Hand Made , And I Hope you Like it.
    Im Hoping to save up for somthing for Christmas and Need some money , So Selling my Jewellry Will Help Me! Hopefully

    Here my site :

    If you want to ask me about any of it theres a contact me page on my site , thanks

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    Good luck...did you intentionally spell "jewelry" with 2 l's?

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    Nice idea, I love the tiaras!

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    so sweet
    I like your hair pins.
    Black Branched Hair Pin is the best one.
    My passion is hand-picking exquisite gifts to recommend them for your pleasure.

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    Homemade Jewellry

    Are any made of gold?

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