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Thread: Outdoor decorating for the disabled (any ideas?)

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    Outdoor decorating for the disabled (any ideas?)

    Something that doesen't include climbing the ladder or carrying heavy stuff - anybody with some good suggestions? All I've come up with so far are those silhouettes made out of netted lights that you just stick onto windows with those plastic vacum holders. Thnx in advance!

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    What my husband did after he couldn't put up all the stuff that we use to was put some garland with lights around the double doors with 2 wreaths and some lights in the bushes that are in the front.

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    We have stopped using ladders. My husband hooks up the outdoor extension cords and I put the lights on the shrubs. We got hammered metal figures that we push into the ground before it freezes, and use spotlights on the figures and on our bay window. I hang three wreaths outside.

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