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Thread: LOST SONG---need help

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    :tree: LOST SONG---need help

    I am a 37 year old woman who has only a handful of childhood memories. One of my memories involve a song I sang in ( I think ) the fifth grade. I think it was called Christmas Colors but I am not sure. I have searched for many years trying to find this song. What I do remember of the song is absolutely beautiful. I would really appreciate ANY help you could offer me. The song starts like this.....

    Christmas colors red and green,
    Make a joyful Christmas scene.
    Take a look around,
    And you'll see colors everywhere.
    Snow white paints the ground,

    That is where my memory fades--- I think the next line is something like "a glow fills the air" but I am not certain. I remember it being a very beautiful song and I even remember the tune but I cannot write music so I could not help you there unless..... you want to hear the tune from me.... I would be happy to sing the part I remember for you.... I am desperate and need help!!

    Thank you for time and Merry Christmas!!

    Samantha Blain
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    Hi , It would have been a great pleasure for me to help you but I am really sorry I do not remember that song.

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    the lyrics don't sound familiar.
    you might search youtube, but i wouldn't know where to start.

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