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Thread: A very special occasion

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    A very special occasion

    Some simple thoughts about christmas gifts:

    Buying presents for your loved ones on Christmas is always a very special occasion. It creates an atmosphere of loving each other and of caring about each other. It is such a special occasion that we sit down and think about all our loved ones.

    We consider their choices and find the best suitable gifts for them. Christmas creates in us the feeling of belongingness and of being together. This is the feeling which should stay. It is the healthy and hearty feeling of harmony and peace which Christmas season brings along. We should try to maintain the same atmosphere and aura all through the year.

    Thank you and merry christmas to you all
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    I agree with you. I think that the more time spent with family is great. Let them all know they are loved and missed when they are not around. I too spend time debating on gifts for each person. I get together a list them make a final decision and then the search is on. NOt only for CHristmas but for every day gifts as well.

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    I always think that it's the quality of the relationship that is more important than the gift anyway. The quality of the relationship is usually independent of gifts given. That's not to say that it's not important to spend time and money on good gifts, but it's a shame to see the gift as the most important thing.

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